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(Common Grace Commission No. 2)
"Death of the Dream" (2002) Assemblage
56"x 13-1/2"x 25"
Violin case, lamp stand, quail, maps, book illustrations, cord, pencil
"Just as I live fully in this present land, I am already preparing to let it die. Just as I have been brought into a place of provision, I keep my bags at hand and ready to pack, in the event that I am called to move on. For me, this may be the hardest part of all." (Common Grace Commission No. 3)
"Fixer" (2003) 
62-1/2"x 27"x 27" 
Apothecary jar, iron tripod, toy soldier, book illustrations, epoxy, polyester resin (Common Grace Commission No. 4)
"Over Time" (2003)
13"x 15-1/4"x 10-1/4"
Mantle clock base, cast iron toy horse, croquet ball, book illustrations, sewing machine parts, marbles, bead, door latch, cord, numbered tack
"As I am  exposed to the heat of change, I find layers burning away. Those layers are not me, but the gradual accumulation of all that I have been dragged through over time."
(Common Grace Commission No. 5)
"Architect Concept for a New Home" (2002)
14"x 7-1/4"x 12-1/2"
Lantern projector, book illustrations, clock cabinet finials, glass, pencil, electrical cord, light fixture
"I have lived in a house that was not built for me and in which I was not welcome. And although it provided covering and security, it was not a place in which I could grow, as I was constricted within its walls and did not live freely. Still, I remained willingly for a time. Now I have been called to help in the building of another, different kind of house. We work slowly, taking careful measurements, wanting there to be room for all who will make their home there. There are disagreements about the way things will be done, but this only seems to make the house stronger. We are starting small and can always add on. It is not always the most comfortable thing for me, to live in such close proximity to so many others. I had grown accustomed to my solitude, even in that larger house. But it became obvious to me that this, along with the need to once again breathe freely, was something that would have to change."
(Common Grace Commission No. 6)
"White Fields" (2002)
31-1/2"x 16-1/2"x 4"
Cast iron corpus, crate slat, book cover, industrial clock, Italian bank note, metal house number, pen nib box lid, miscellaneous maps & book illustrations, newspaper (Common Grace Commission No. 7)
"Now On This Side" (2003)
37"x 8"x 11-1/2"
Hand press, bisque doll, plastic figure, metal grate, cast iron ashtray stand, wood ball, book text, plumbing part, numbered tack
"Knowing now what was required, I would never have chosen to go through the fire. But now on this side I know I will never go back."
(Common Grace Commission No. 8)
"Icon of Saint Michael the Blind" (2002)
62-3/4"x 25"x 25"
Religious icon, book text and illustrations, brass ornament, badge, colored pencil
"Have I found truth, or has truth found me?" (Common Grace Commission No. 10)
"New Arrivals" (2002)
27-1/2"x 11-1/2"x 10"
Cake mold, lamp stand, architectural column base, brass ornament, photographic prints, signatures, word game tiles
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